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Mark Conrad Be Rad ServicesHey! It’s nice to have you here. I’m Mark Conrad. I’m guessing you want to hear my story and how Be Rad Services came to be if not you can just fast-forward to my SERVICES.

So let’s start…

After trying out an electrical engineering degree first, I realized it’s not my thing. I then pursued a business degree and finally received a piece of paper they call a diploma. Just like what every millennial quickly realized, this piece of paper doesn’t guarantee anything.

And just like everyone else in this generation, I just grab whatever job I can find. I ended up in the financial services industry. In order to have a decent salary, I hopped around to 3 different companies in 3.5 years.

Since I’ve spent a huge amount of time in college, I felt I needed to catch-up with my professional career. But, I know it’s already late for me to slowly climb the corporate ladder so I mustered up the guts to do something unconventional.

Diving to Freelancing

I decided to take the plunge and resigned from my corporate job and pursued a career in freelancing. I’m a techie and already know a lot on using online tools so it wasn’t so hard to transition.

After a week of being unemployed, I found my first client – a UK based small business. I started as a virtual assistant which exposed me to the nitty-gritty of running an online business.

From Online Freelancing to Lifestyle Business

I’ve never stopped learning. I continuously upgraded my skills by learning SEO, Copywriting, and Web Design in order to remain competitive and expand my services.

I wanted to take my freelancing career a notch higher by letting it evolve as a lifestyle business. By doing this, I was able to scale up the business and provide high value services while living a more location independent lifestyle.

In order to make this change, I surrounded myself with great mentors, conquered my limiting beliefs, and changed my mindset. I joined groups where I would be continuously inspired by other online entrepreneurs and positive influencers. I also joined a mastermind group to make myself accountable on achieving my business and personal goals.

What’s Be Rad Services all about?

I wanted to have a place where I could share the things that I have learned while building a lifestyle business. Here, I’ll be documenting my journey and hopefully others could learn from it too. I will also provide tutorials and tips on using different business, social media, marketing, and collaboration tools.

I also hope that through this website I’ll be able to get in touch with fellow digital nomads and online entrepreneurs… maybe, I could help add a touch of radness to your business.

Also, if you’re interested to build a lifestyle business or just want to ride along my journey, you can subscribe on my email list, follow me on my social media accounts.

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"Mark communicates very well and he is also skillful in Wordpress. We enjoyed having him around.  We will hire him again if we have new work."

Eric Costa

Eric Costa


"Mark has been my virtual assistant since 2014 and he has done so much to help me with my business. He is thorough and professional and always goes above and beyond the job specifications that I assign to him.

I'm very happy that we are working together."

Nicolas Gregoriades

Nicolas Gregoriades


"I really love the e-commerce website that Mark did for me. It has all the features that I need for an online store.

I highly recommend their web design services."

Ohsie Austria

Ohsie Austria


"Mark is an excellent content writer with great imagination and attention to detail."

Ted Ryan

Ted Ryan